Early Treatment

 Orthodontic Problems.At Johnson & Collins, we are here to provide orthodontic care for the entire family, every step of the way. We are committed to helping you and your loved ones upkeep good oral health and hygiene at every age. Early examination and detection allows us to provide effective, treatments at a timely manner, and prevent current conditions from erupting into more severe problems in the future. We always like to remind our families that early examination does not always lead to early treatment. Our doctors will be able to determine whether your child’s teeth are developing

Common Conditions For Early Treatment

Between the ages of 9-14, the permanent teeth fully emerge. While the jawbone is developing, it is easier to guide teeth into their proper positions. There are a few common conditions that occur during development that can benefit from Early Treatment.


Crossbites are one of the most common orthodontic problems in adolescents. A crossbite occurs when either the top teeth or the bottom teeth do not meet because one is further back or far forward relative to the other. In other words, it is a misalignment of the dental arches. Palatal expanders that widen the jaw during development can help address this issues.


Crowding occurs when there is not enough jaw space to accommodate for all of the permanent teeth. As a result, teeth can emerge twisted or otherwise displaced. Palatal expanders or tooth extraction (for more severe cases) can be beneficial. Braces may also follow this treatment.

Protruding teeth.Protruding Teeth

Protruding teeth, also more commonly known as “buck teeth,” are upper teeth that project over the bottom lip. Because they are so exposed, protruding teeth are more susceptible to injury. Protruding teeth sometimes also cause children to feel self-conscious. Orthodontic appliances can generally treat this issue, while the teeth are still developing.

Other Indicators

Other than the above listed conditions, there are also symptoms and behaviors that often serve as indicators that there may oral health issues –

  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth
  • Biting into parts of the mouth and cheeks
  • Prolonged thumb sucking
  • Breathing through the mouth
  • Chewing with difficulty
  • Early or late loss of teeth

Early Treatment Results

The goal of early treatment is not necessarily to be the end-all-be-all solution, but rather to guide the teeth into healthy development, in order to avoid the emergence of more severe issues that require more invasive treatment in the future. Depending on your child’s current condition, and their personalized treatment plan, early treatment can:

  • Straighten teeth
  • Guide jawbone development
  • Correct improper bite and misplaced teeth
  • Improve facial symmetry
  • Treat protruding teeth to be less vulnerable to injury
  • Improve self esteem

Ask Your Orthodontists At Johnson & Collins

Regardless of whether there are apparent oral health problem symptoms, we recommend that you bring your child in for their first examination by the age of 7. If you have any questions regarding early treatment and orthodontics, please do not hesitate to call our team at our Southlake, Coppell or Bedford offices. We very much look forward to helping your loved ones achieve a healthy smile.